Selectapest understands the importance of quality termite control in and around the Gold Coast. If your

If your pest control company chooses a cheaper, inferior termite baiting system you may not gain total elimination of your termites, and anything less than 100% Total Colony Elimination isn’t Gone for Good.

As one of the ‘go to’ termite control companies on the Gold Coast for home owners, and real estate property managers, Selectapest now offers our clients a product that we trust to work 100% of the time, and because of this we have become one of seven fully accredited Exterra Termite Baiting System representatives on the Gold Coast.

Even the most widely advertised termite baiting system alternatives come up short when it comes to the extent of their effect on a termite colony, the chemical deposits age in the soil and breakdown, and once more the termites return to attack your home.

The creation of the EXTERRA Termite Interception Zone ensures that protection is ongoing and ensures effective termite control.

Will the EXTERRA Stations attract Termites to my home?

Rest easy, the answer is no. The EXTERRA termite control stations are there to protect your home and will only intercept those termites that have entered into and are actually foraging in your garden. If the stations weren’t there, then these termites would eventually seek out and attack your home.

With EXTERRA, Stations with FOCUS Termite Attractant™ are discreetly placed around your home. The FOCUS evolves the gaseous attractant that termites adore over a 2 m radius. Thus, when the EXTERRA Stations are placed around your home, they link together to form the EXTERRA Termite Interception Zone™, protecting your home. EXTERRA then does its job naturally by directing termites to the termite baiting Stations and not to your home, luring them to their “Last Supper”.

Once intercepted, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is added to the large EXTERRA Station.

The termites feed on the Requiem and the colony is eliminated easily and quickly, right at the point of termite attack.

The elite EXTERRA Termite Baiting System, with its unique Termite Interception Zone encircling your home is THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home.

The EXTERRA Termite Baiting System has protected more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Australia alone, with significantly more across the world – with the number growing daily. The premium quality and proven performance of EXTERRA makes it the easy and right choice for protecting your most important asset – your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Selectapest today and discuss the termite baiting system solution for your property.

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