Your clients trust you to manage their Gold Coast property and protect it from those nasty little blighters that are trying their best to eat it! Termite control can be a nightmare for strata managers, and Selectapest is here to help!

Selectapest is the ’go to’ pest control company for strata managers and property managers on the Gold Coast.

Our experienced technicians are locals who understand the Gold Coast strata management termite control regulations.

Our experienced technicians are locals who understand the Gold Coast strata management termite control regulations.

Our team can take some stress off overworked strata managers by ensuring that regular communication takes place, and termite control maintenance schedules are agreed to and put in place. The Selectapest team are always willing to go above and beyond, and are quite happy to take the burden from strata property managers by dealing with, and explaining situations (particularly termites) to, owners directly so that nothing is misconstrued and misunderstood.

Communication is the key to success, and with Selectapest taking care of your strata termite pest control, you can get on with everything else you need to do and leave this to the professionals!

When you engage a pest and termite control company, your reputation is in their hands and Selectapest understand the importance of this responsibility and have built our pest control business and reputation around our customer service and word of mouth referrals.

Selectapest is fully compliant with industry standards and regulations, as well as being fully insured and licensed. Once Selectapest is in control of your Gold Coast  strata managed properties, you can rest assured that no termite, rat, or spider will be making it’s home in your client’s home!

Our team are experienced and able to provide regular termite control maintenance or an emergency call out if a sneaky critter is spotted!

Reports will be provided for all strata managed termite control inspections and maintenance, explaining all work that has been done, and costings for this work.

These reports are completed to enable our strata managers to provide evidence of their ability to protect the strata managed properties to the owners if they wish.

The experience and expertise of our pest and termite control technicians provides solutions to even the most complex of pest control issues reported by any residents.

If you manage any form of rented property or building, let Selectapest take the worry of termites and other nasties off your shoulders. Our experienced team can take over your pest control maintenance at a lower cost than you may think. Keep the nasties at bay – call Selectapest today!

If you would like a quote for pest or termite control treatment and inspection of your individual strata plan, or should you require more information on the services we provide to strata companies across the Gold Coast, call the Selectapest team today.

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