One thing most Gold Coast home buyers want is reliable new home termite protection! Selectapest understands the importance of quality termite control and prevention in and around the Gold Coast. If you are building, don’t choose a cheaper, inferior pre construction termite barrier that can’t guarantee total protection from termites. Ensuring your timber is protected properly with the right anti termite treatment before your house or office is built will give you that extra peace of mind – knowing that termites are unable to get through this physical termite barrier to eat you out of house and home!

Did you know that the Gold Coast and throughout Australia carries the unenvied title of having the most destructive termites in the world, with the hungry little blighters causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes and business each year. It’s estimated that one in five homes in Australia have had termites at some stage. Brick and steel-framed houses, as well as timber, are at risk. That’s because termites get in through tiny cracks and crevices in, under and around your home.

To properly protect your new build with a pre construction anti termite treatment, Selectapest uses and recommends the Kordon Termite Barrier.


KORDON is a unique Australian product that combines a termiticide and a moisture barrier. It is installed as a pre construction termite barrier in new constructions and renovations to protect against attack by subterranean termites.

Active termite protection is provided by deltamethrin, a pyrethroid which is highly effective against termites.

In the manufacture of Kordon, deltamethrin is incorporated onto a fibrous webbing and sandwiched between two layers of plastic sheeting.The upper orange coloured sheet (200μm) forms the moisture barrier.

This will give you a new home termite protection barrier with these qualities:

  • The premium pre-construction physical termite barrier “Kordon Termite Barrier”
  • The most comprehensive research and development performed by Bayer Environmental Science and leading independent authorities such as CSIRO (since 1989)
  • 2.5 x more powerful than other pre construction termite barriers
  • 100% Australian designed and made
  • Environmentally friendly and allergy free
  • CodeMark/BCA and ISO 9001 certification
  • UV stable product approved for installation on perimeters
  • Backed by Bayer’s $100,000 structural damage warranty
  • 50+ years durability
  • Perimeter, pipe and underslab protection against termites
  • Guaranteed correct application rate of termiticide
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000
  • Long term protection for real peace of mind
  • Suitable to all building applications

Don’t gamble with your costly property, make sure you get quality new home termite protection that you can rely on to protect your home against the destructive Gold Coast termites. Call Selectapest today to arrange your pre construction anti termite barrier, so you can rest easy and know that you won’t be inviting termites for dinner at your house.

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