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With one in three homes on the Gold Coast having live termites at any given time, it has become paramount for us to find the best pest control product that we trust to work 100% of the time. We have now become one of seven fully accredited Exterra Termite Baiting System representatives on the Gold Coast. For more information please feel free to check out We also offer a range of other pest control products to eliminate termites should you wish to look into other options.


Ants are one of the most common pests found on the Gold Coast, and are an easy problem to eradicate. They generally show up before and after a big rain, and could be nesting in the wall cavities and ceiling void; using your home as a source of food and water.


There are two main types of cockroaches found on the Gold Coast. The American cockroach is larger in size and brown in colour. They fly in open doors, or crawl through the tiniest crack to breed in dark musty cupboards – especially in the laundry.

A general pest control will eliminate any American cockroaches you may have now, and any others that may cross the barrier created by our specialised pest control treatment in the future.

The German cockroach is smaller in size and dark brown in colour, they live for approximately 100 days and the females can lay up to one million eggs. They are generally found breeding in very hot conditions such as around dishwashers and oven seals, or in your laundry. German cockroaches are harder to eliminate as their breeding cycle is so short, you may need more than one treatment. If you see a German cockroach please take note as they only live within a two metre radius of where they breed.


Spiders are generally found nesting in ceiling and wall cavities and a general pest control will eliminate them. Outside, you will often see spider webs around the eaves of the home and these areas are all covered in your general pest control treatment. It is advised to complete a general pest control around the same time each year to replenish the barrier created.


Fleas are pesky critters that bite anything that moves. They are attracted to vibrations and the natural Carbon Dioxide released from a mammal’s skin. Fleas can lay dormant for up to 90 days without a meal. They will be attracted to humans when an animal is not present. An adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. Due to the life cycle of a flea, it is likely that an additional treatment may be required to completely eradicate them.


If you are hearing movement and scratching in your ceiling or wall cavities then you may have a rodent problem. Most rodents will enter a property looking for food and water. Female rodents can produce up to 40 offspring annually with each individual rodent producing 50-100 droppings a day! A simple rodent pest control treatment with the placement of completely lockable rodent stations should eliminate your pesky rodent problem. A Selectapest Technician will also advise you of possible rodent entry points that may need attention to reduce the possibility of rodents entering the home in the future.


In very rare cases a rodent may die in your ceiling or in your wall cavity and in this case we are more than happy to attend your property to remove and dispose of the rodent.

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