Selectapest specialises in pest and termite control for property managers.


Buying a new home or business is exciting, and exploring the property once you’re in can quickly turn from delight to dire if you discover termites, rodents, fleas etc. When buying a property in Pimpama or anywhere on the Gold Coast a building and pest inspection is of paramount importance. With termites attacking 1 in 3 Queensland homes, you need to know if your investment is a sound one.


Pest Control

If a building and pest inspection or termite inspection on your new Pimpama property was not carried out or the pest control problem has arisen since you moved in, Selectapest can assist.

Australia is home to the most aggressive species of termites and home owners need to be vigilant to stop them in their tracks before the structural integrity of your home is compromised. But termites are just one of the issues Australian, and especially Queensland, homes are facing. Pest Control can be used to rid your roof of rodents, your kitchen cupboards of cockroaches or your bedroom of birds.


Termite Baiting System

We believe prevention is better than cure so we encourage homes to invest in a termite baiting system to prevent termite infestations. Many home owners in Pimpama and across the Gold Coast don’t realise the importance of pest control until their home is attacked by termites and their insurance policy won’t cover termite damage.


Trust us

Whether you need pest control to rid your home of unwanted house guests, or you want to prevent your Pimpama residence being prone to attack we provide a thorough precautionary service. All our products are safe for children and animals, and all our fully qualified technicians will respect your Pimpama, Gold Coast home when they are carrying out their pest control service.

So whether you have a pest control issue in Pimpama or in the wider Gold Coast area, or if you want to protect your family from the very real threat of pests and termites, call Selectapest today, the number one company in pest control for over 25 years.

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