Gold Coast residents enjoy beautiful summers and mild winters. Whilst we have our very own slice of paradise there are some down-sides to our warmer climate.

Cockroaches thrive in warm and humid conditions which is why the threat of infestation is very real on the Gold Coast.


Pest Control

Selectapest has been helping the residents and businesses of Helensvale and all across the Gold Coast with pest control for more than 25 years. Cockroaches love the kitchen, with a variety of kitchen spills and crumbs there is a feast fit for a family of cockroaches. Pest control in Helensvale and across the Gold Coast will prevent these house guests vomiting and defecating on your food and passing disease to you and your family.



Cockroaches are just one of the little creatures that wants access to your home and/or business. Termites attack 1 in 3 Queensland homes, causing expensive structural damage. Whilst termites can cause significant damage to your home Selectapest has a reliable, affordable and swift treatment that will rid Helensvale and Gold Coast homes of termites.

If you don’t have termites but are aware of the very real threat, we are great believers in prevention is better than a cure, and we can provide you with a termite baiting system that comes with peace of mind that your home is safe from damage. Your home insurance does not cover termite damage, so don’t take the risk, protect yourself with a termite baiting system today.


Protect your Home

Protecting your Helensvale, Gold Coast home with pest control is a savvy investment, not just to protect the structural integrity of your home, but the health of you and your family.

Selectapest can also help rid your home of spiders, ants, silverfish, fleas, bird mites, bed bugs, possums, bees, wasps, birds, lice and moths and our building and pest inspections let you know if there are any nasty surprising when buying a property. So if your home or business in Helensvale or anywhere on the Gold Coast needs quality pest control call us today for reliable, efficient and economical service.

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