The Gold Coast offers an idyllic lifestyle, with our sunny summer days, balmy evenings and the beautiful coastal breezes, we have our very own slice of heaven. However, the climatic conditions we enjoy and our ideal proximity to the ocean can also be to our detriment with regards to pest control and termites.

No suburb is exempt from pests and termites, however everyone on the Gold Coast has access to Selectapest’s expertise in termite inspections, pest control and termite baiting systems. If you are based in Coomera, as far south as Tweed or as far north as Brisbane our technicians are here to assist.


Pest Control

Whilst Selectapest services the whole of the Gold Coast, word has spread fast in Coomera that Selectapest is the Pest Control company of choice.  Even the most houseproud person can find themselves invaded by termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas and rodents.  That is where Selectapest’s Pest Control technicians can come to the rescue. Don’t be a flea’s next meal, call the professionals in straight away.



A man, and woman’s, home is their castle, but to a termite it’s just another meal, and bit by bit, brick by brick they will slowly destroy it. Take immediate action and order a professional termite inspection. Our clients across the Gold Coast, including Coomera are taking back their houses with our termite baiting systems. As a locally owned and run family company we don’t want to see your hard earned property slowly eaten away.


Building and Pest inspection

When buying a property don’t take a risk that could cost you dearly, order a building and pest inspection from Selectapest. When buying a house or unit on the Gold Coast, including Coomera, ensure termites and pests have not compromised the structural integrity of your home. Pest control issues may not be evident until a professional uncovers them, so for peace of mind with what is most people’s biggest investment call Selectpest and get your fast, reliable and affordable building and pest inspection.


Property Managers

Property managers can rest easy having us on call for all your pest and termite needs on the Gold Coast, including Coomera. We work hard to identify the source of pests, rodents and termites to eradicate the issue before it destroys buildings and property, not to mention the sanitary implications of rats, mice etc.….

Our fast and friendly pest control service is enjoyed throughout the Gold Coast including Coomera, as far south as Tweed and as far North as Brisbane. Our service is safe for the family, pets and plant life.

If your home has been taken over by unwanted critters, it’s time to call in the professionals at Selectapest. We specialise in pest control, termite inspections, termite baiting systems and provide reliable building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast, including Coomera.

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